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Fish & Democracy was a project of Alaska Conservation Voters, and with the death of the Silencing Alaskans Act, HB 77 in April of 2014, we’ve suspended the project. Check out our Scorecard below for the 28th Alaska Legislature, covering the 2013 and 2014 state legislative sessions to learn more about how your lawmakers performed on fish, democracy, and conservation issues in 2013-104. The Scorecard is a tool for voters statewide, and provides in-depth narrative on the past sessions, grades for lawmakers, and analysis of bills that affect conservation in Alaska. Delivered to voters, lawmakers, and decision makers statewide, it the only accountability tool that shows how legislators performed on conservation issues during session.

House Bill 77, the Silencing Alaskans Act, set the tone of the 28th Alaska Legislature, which was marked by fast-tracked bills that rolled back previous environmental protections and eliminated or reversed the role of Alaskans in the public process. During the 2014 session, this controversial bill quickly became the highest profile fight in the hallways of the Capitol building in recent years. Thousands of Alaskans─ including Tribes, subsistence users, sport and commercial fishermen, and environmental groups─ statewide spoke out against the bill, and a strong group of bi-partisan Senators listened to their constituents concerns and held strong in opposing the bill. In the final weeks of session, it became clear that the bill was too flawed to fix and too toxic to pass, and the bill died in the Senate Resources committee.

The majority of Alfacebook1aska’s lawmakers walked in lock step with Governor Parnell’s anti-conservation agenda during session. Gov. Parnell, along with eight of the 20 Senators and 24 of the 40 Representatives all received     failing grades. Lawmakers were graded on their voting record on priority legislation, with votes on final bill passage and floor amendments taken into consideration. Bill sponsorship was rewarded for and pro-conservation policy and penalized for anti-conservation legislation.

Find out how your lawmaker performed by downloading the full scorecard or using the interactive Senate and House maps below.

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Interactive Map: How did your Representative perform?

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Interactive maps courtesy of Alaska Center for the Environment’s Conservation GIS Center, click here for more information.